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Keel  Quad + trailer
  • Keel Quad + trailer

    QUAD KEEL SET + trailer flip drive

    FCS base

    Fish Keel  refined for Quad boards  built for drive, speed and direction with a cut-away at the base to deliver a free-flowing ride. Great choice for retro's, rockets and fishes.

    Material: Fiberglass smoke color



    Front Fins



    3.93" | 99mm 


    4.92" | 125mm 


    Rear Fins

    Rear Base:

     3.34" | 85mm

    Rear Depth:

     4.13" | 105mm

    Rear Foil:



    Pacific Vibrations - Flip Drive

    The Flip drive fin was made to bridge the gap between Quads and Thrusters. The Flip Drive adds extra drive and takes out the drift whilst keeping the speed and flow associated with quads. Therefore a boost to drive and control without adding the drag associated with a typical back fin.

    With this fin you can also flip it around 180 degrees so the high point of the fin is forward thus moving the pivot point closer.


    Material: Fiberglass


    Base:  4.5"  (108mm)

    Depth: 1.25" (32mm)

    Foil: 50/50

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