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  • Compressor

    Compressor Quad 

    This set works well with longboards or short fat wide tail boards. This termplate will hold well through a arcing turn at high speed while still being able to turn sharply enough to drive vertically off the bottom and snap tightly off the top in the pocket. This fin template will promote the generation of speed, try these in a quad longboard or high volume fish. 

    Quad Front Fin Size:

    Side Base: 4.4 in. 112 mm

    Side Depth: 4.94 in. 125 mm

    Surface Area: 17.98 in.² 11600 mm²

    Sweep: 31.5°


    Quad Rear Fin Size:

    Rear Base: 3.44 in. 87 mm

    Rear Depth: 4.56 in. 116 mm

    Rear Surface Area: 13.18 in.² 8500 mm²

    Sweep: 27°

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